Revision Policy

Although our company guarantees excellence of student support, there may be some situations when the ordered essay need to be improved. We provide our clients with an opportunity to make changes in  papers as many times as they require to produce excellent pieces of writing based on the assigned rules and regulations. Our company provide two weeks period to make corrections in your papers which have less than 30 pages and a month period to improve papers with over 30 pages of content. If our clients do not follow these rules, our company do not guarantee any improvements or corrections of the completed papers. Nothing will be implemented unless the client makes a new order.

Our company guarantees that our clients can order making improvements or corrections of the  completed paper if the next demands are met:

  • The client provides accurate guidance how to complete the order. The initial guidance should not be changed. If our experts on paper quality make a decision that the writer have followed the guidance, there will be no acceptance to conduct any corrections or improvements. In this situation, it is possible to pay for other services like paper editing or paper proofreading.
  • It is forbidden to conduct any changes in the content of the paper if the client is going to ask us to revise the paper.
  • It is forbidden to violate general terms and conditions of the contract
  • Our company gives 48 hours to make concrete corrections or improvements of the paper. However, it often takes less time to complete order.

Our company guarantees less than 12 hours for urgent papers to be revised, 24 hours for the orders that have 24 hours deadline, and 48 hours for the papers with over 24 hours of deadline.