Money Back Guarantee

Our company provides different methods of getting money back if the order is done improperly. You should remember that the possibility to receive refund depends on the situation. There are several steps that should be followed if a client wants to receive money back. The lack of approval of your order guarantees three variants of receiving money back.

You get 100% refunding in case:

  • there is an error in order payment (e.g. double payment; two similar orders are paid and other variants of error occurrence). It is required that our clients let us know about the error occurrence immediately. Our company will provide 100% refunding in case your order has not been taken by our writers.
  • Our company is unable to find the right person to perform your order on due time. As a rule, we let you know about the complexity of the situation and give your money back at once.
  • Our company does not guarantee that your order has been done on due time, and the need for an essay or any other type of academic writing is eliminated. In this situation, the client does not want to get the completed essay because of the time loss. The paper will not be returned to you if you get your money back.

You get 70% refunding in case:

  • Our writer has taken your essay, but the time passed is equal to 50% of the required date of submission. It is necessary to compensate the work performed by the writer, although it is not completed. In this situation, the client gets only some part of his/her money.

You get 50% refunding in case:

  • There is no one who will be able to revise your essay on time
  • Your order has been taken by the writer and half of the given amount of time has gone. There is a need for paying some money for the completed part of your essay.

It is crucial that when the refunding is got, the client has no chance to use his/her intellectual and property rights. This means that the client will be deprived of these rights if the process of returning money back has already been initiated.  In case the essay is returned to make corrections or revised, the writer will make some improvements and your approval is accepted.